Text Box: Text Box: I have tried to arrange the photographs in this book by chronological order within family or interest groups.
Because of the amount of overlap this is not always workable but the Contents listing on the left hand side should give an indication of what to expect in each area.
I am experimenting with the whole document in that I am producing it in Microsoft Publisher. The main reason being that it will be easy to insert new material at any time in the future.
Wherever possible I will add commentary to the pictures but will not guarantee accuracy.

Arrangement of this Album

Text Box: Image Quality
Text Box: As any reader will realise the quality of images really depends on the manner in which they have been created and preserved.
Old photographs in this book have been cleaned up using Photoshop wherever the effort has been worth it. Some photos are badly damaged and leaving them as is gives them a sense of their age.
More recent photographs have been garnered from a number of Text Box: sources. Some older ones were taken on cameras that did not have adequate resolution and have faded or discoloured over time. Where possible these have been scanned and the colours restored as much as possible using Photoshop or similar programs. Many of the old black and white photographs that I took have been rescanned from the original negatives which have been stored for more than forty years in tin cans and transported around the country amongst my possesText Box: sions. When I opened these cans to check the negatives I was quite pleased that there has not been a lot of deterioration.
All of the material presented here in this Album will also be burned to DVD and I hope preserved in the future. Note: As technology changes future viewers may well need to transfer this information to newer media. That will not be my problem.
Text Box: This production created by Richard Powell as a record of the Powell and Lambert families


Volume 1, Issue 1

Photo Album—Richard Powell’s Collection of Images

Berambing and Bilpin—Early Life—Pictures 1920s to 30s




Bellevue and Karingal


My Family


Heather’s Family




Murray St


Bob’s Family


Text Box: Richard Powell in Laboratory Office at Royal Darwin Hospital about 1998

Areas covered by the Album

· Early Powells at

Berambing and Bilpin

· Bellevue

· Karingal

· Individual Family groups

· Miscellaneous Images

2006 — taken on the Esplanade, Darwin — the beard comes and goes ...lol