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Photo Album—Richard Powell’s Collection of Images

Text Box: Norman Powell (left) with Noel Powell using original Danarm chain saw to fell tree. The chain saw has a six foot (180cm) blade.
Text Box: The canoes that were home made were transported to the Mountain lagoon area by truck and then carried by hand many miles through the bush to reach the river. They were hidden in a cave on the side of the river bank and the entrance covered by scrub. Given that this area would not see humans for possibly years on end they were very upset to make a trek down to the river to find that the canoes had been stolen on one of their visits. In the photograph on the left is Paul Hambly with Archer and Noel on the right.
Text Box: AB Powell cutting a large gum tree by hand before the days of chain saws. Note he is standing on a plank of wood which is slipped into a notch cut in the tree trunk. The “V” section cut out of the tree on the other side is slightly higher and indicates where he want the tree to fall. He is cutting at a slightly lower level making the next “peg” - where he will insert the plank that he will stand on. He will probably cut yet another one further around the trunk so that his final cut will be above the existing cut which will assist in allowing the weight of the tree to pull it in the direction of the first cut. Note that AB is right handed and cutting into the tree from the left which is quite awkward.
Text Box: Home made canoe in the Colo River where the Powells and Bennetts swam and camped. This place is located by following the ridge from the back of Mountain Lagoon several miles through rough country down to the river. Archer Powell (L) and Noel Powell (R)
Text Box: Noel Powell (left) with Lawrence Powell cutting large log to length prior to transport.

Berambing and Bilpin—Images from 1920’s and 1930’s